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Reflections…of Race
Poems for My White Friends

A poignant and powerful poetic storytelling
about living inside of and outside of Race.

Featuring music by Dexter Payne

“I listened to the whole CD yesterday on the way down to the valley. Your voice is powerful, and your words float atop a deep current.”
~ Stith Bennett, Owner & Sound Engineer, Blue Marmot Studios

“Damn Norma, Your poem is amazing.”
~ Donnie Betts, Owner, No Credit Productions


Music for “Like Air” by Dexter Payne
(Clean Slate Music—BMI)
Tracked, Mixed & Mastered by Stith Bennett at
Blue Marmot Studio
Produced by Norma Johnson, All In Spirit
Cover Design by Jane Shepherd
Cover Photo by Simon Roberts
©2015 by Norma Johnson, Boulder, CO. All Rights Reserved.


1. Like Air (with music) [8:59]
2. “I Can’t Believe It!” [0:59]
3. I Didn’t Tell You [6:59]
4. Like Air (voice only) [7:04]
5. How Does It Feel? [1:39]