Norma Johnson


A creative voice for bridging community dialogues and relationships, for social justice and healing.

poet / writer
performing artist, teacher
speaker, consultant and facilitator


A Poem For My White Friends: I Didn’t Tell You

This poem was a cry from my heart to speak on a deeper level to my white friends and to attempt to relay to them that because of race, there is a palpable difference in the way our daily lives play out. And to my friends of darker hues, I offer this gift of voice.

In Spirit,

This recording and several others are available on Norma”s CD, “Reflections…of Race: Poems for My White Friends”, which can be purchased on this page.


Click on image to view video of Norma’s poem

A Poem For My White Friends: I Didn’t Tell You

An American Sign Language Interpretation

Jaymes, Marlene and I worked collaboratively to interpret a beautiful poem “I Didn’t Tell You” a Poem for my White Friends by nationally known Poet Norma Johnson. This poem really hit home for me as a Person of Color. Each line took me back to a place or time I face discrimination, subtle or not so subtle racism. The way Norma artistically expresses our trials brought literal tears to my eyes.

Click on image to view ASL version of Norma’s poem