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A creative voice for bridging community dialogues and relationships, for social justice and healing.

poet / writer
performing artist, teacher
speaker, consultant and facilitator


Norma Johnson is a facilitator that brings her thirty plus years as healer, poet/writer, performing artist, speaker and consultant to the quest for social justice. She inspires awareness and connection bridging community dialogues and relationships. Norma’s artistic background inspires her unique presentation form. Her poetry about race is being used by educators across the country to inspire awareness and discussion about Race, privilege and class.

Testimonials for Norma’s Work/Art

“She is indeed a powerful, eloquent and serene embodiment.
Intense merges with grace. The divine is felt.”


“My students, by the way, continue to thank me for introducing them to you. This is noteworthy, as students haven’t acknowledged other guest speakers/facilitators. In other words, you made quite an impression. And more importantly, you made students think.”

Elaina Verveer, Public Achievement Director, University of Colorado Boulder

“I was so moved by what you are doing – I have not stopped talking about it to MY white friends. I am hugely grateful for what you opened in my consciousness. Thank you Norma, for your gift to me, and to our sad tired world! Oh, and to our happy joyous world, too!!”

Dexter Payne, Musician & Peace Activist

“We were BLOWN AWAY with your performances. You stood out from the rest of the group because of your professionalism and your ability to command the attention of the audience with the use of your voice and body movements. During intermission the ladies in the restroom were raving about you.”

Christina Ebner, Esq.