“Ease” is one piece from a collection I’ve created over years called, “Just for Today.”

I began writing these pieces many years ago. They became inspirational messages to myself, to enhance and inform my daily perspectives and to reflect on and remember who I am. As I wrote them, I always sensed that even though they were for me, they also were for the world too. This became more and more evident as I shared some of them with people around me. Their response was mostly the same… people would express how moved they were by the sharing and would ultimately request a copy of the piece.

So by request I offer you, “Ease.”


Today, I’ve pulled out my Easy Button and put it smack dap in the middle of my desk. 

Its ALL got to be E-A-S-Y today.  Why?  Because I SAY SO.

Too much of my life has been caught up in the stressful, overwhelming “gotta do’s.”  Gotta do this, gotta do that, better, oughta, should, must, supposed to….. or else…. I am a bad person, a lazy person, an incompetent person, an ungrateful person, a loser, a failure, unqualified, unmotivated, irresponsible, shuffling or just plain uncaring.

Fact is, I’m a perfectionist.  In the past, its held me in bondage because I could never be good enough.  Now, I realize it’s a unique way to view the world.  I see it’s beauty and magnificence, its pure unlimited potentiality.  And I know I am a part of that.  I always want to be more and I want everything else to be more as well.  Hard to settle for anything less when you know this.

So now, I have found my way to ease.  I didn’t know this way before.  I thought I had to PUSH to make it so.  Now, I am learning to ALLOW my life into being and each next thing comes in its right time and feels good.  It actually FEELS GOOD!  That’s the powerful sign that lets me know I’m connected with God and my own wonderful desire. 

That piece that I was “pushing” is now relinquished to my allowing nature to have ease and abundance enter my day and my life.  It takes me over, like a soothing wave, replenishing my thirsty craving for fluidity and peace.  E-A-S-Y.  Expectant Abundance Saying YES!  I am emptied.  Then I am filled with grace.  I remember how to receive.  I drink in a clear awareness of my gratitude and my connection with life.  I am aware of the life force that moves thru me and that moves me to each next right action that allows me to remain at ease. I trust what comes.

Ease is where peace lives.  It is the home I am building, not with effort, but with desire.  My desire to live here begins the construction.  The architects and contractors, the builders and finishers all begin and end with my desire to have it made so.  My desire is the dream used by my team to create this magnificent and humble home.  We are building a sanctuary where I am safe to be me.

As I live inside it, it begins to live inside me.  I become my own home, my own sanctuary of peace.  Ease is the key to the door and the ticket for the journey.  All the “gotta do’s” in world, will not construct this place.  All the things I think I “should be” cannot hold a candle to the beauteous light that emanates from each window of this palace.

Here, I AM me.  The fullness and richness of my ability to just BE, is what allows me to embrace my own fulfillment of peace.  I AM the magic.  I AM what lights the candles that fills the rooms with light.  I AM the switch that lets thru the power that generates the energy for all things to function.  I AM the foundation upon which rests the entire structure of my desire for peace.  My home.  My ease.  My peace.

Having ease is what allows me to determine what is important for me to really do today.  Ease is what allows me to disentangle myself from what is false and become what is true.  Ease is what allows me insight into my deepest knowing self. 

E-A-S-Y, Expectant Abundance Saying YES!

EASE, a clear awareness of my gratitude and my connection with life.

EASE, building a sanctuary where I am safe to be me.

EASE… is where peace lives.

Norma Johnson

Copyright: 2006